Computer Servicing

Computer Servicing

What is included in the DTechnics computer service?

• Manually check through all Programs for any ‘bad’ or ‘unnecessary’ ones that could potentially cause harm, or could contribute towards slow performance
• Thoroughly check through all web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This is to check for ‘Bad’ Add on’s, extensions and search providers which could hijack home pages, re-direct your searches or allow pop-up advertisements to appear all the time
• Run all essential program updates – This consists of updating Java, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, these programs are susceptible to security risks and it is important to ensure they are kept up to date. Also manufacturer software and driver updates such as HP, Dell, and Toshiba Update etc
• Check to see if the system defragmentation process is scheduled correctly and running on a regular basis
• Check all the right services are running as they should, and that none are turned off that shouldn’t be
• We use a programme called AVG Tuneup which removes temporary and junk internet files and also fixes issues that may be occurring in the registry. We turn off any unnecessary start-up programs It is known to help speed the system up
• Check that there is an up to date either free or paid for Antivirus program that is running. If there is a non-functioning antivirus program or no antivirus then we would discuss the option with you
• We will check the System specification to ensure there is enough RAM (Random Access Memory). If we feel that a RAM upgrade would be beneficial we would discuss this with you
If your computer has further problems, we will call you and advise on any next steps and any additional costs. For example – a corrupted Operating System, virus and malware infections or suspected hardware failure or even upgrade to an SSD.

Why Not call or Email for Service us now and book yours in? Tel: 01275 340614


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