• Antivirus Protection

    Avast CloudCare

    Avast CloudCare is powerful remote management platform with add-on services to improve the protection and productivity of your small business and profoundly simplify your IT management. 

    Your IT provider simply logs into the Avast CloudCare portal from any computer’s web browser for a real-time overview of your network. From there, they can take a proactive approach to preventing issues before they occur, as well as instantly install, activate, or deactivate any service; roll out policies; and more. We also include remote support which means that with your permission we can then access your device and solve most problems with out the need to unplug it (Working Broadband required).

    Coming Soon New Pricing and Better Protection!

  • Online Support

    Online Support

    DTechnics are able to resolve a lot of issues on your computer without the requirement for you to unplug it! By using Remote software, it saves times and money but working broadband is required!

    If this is of interest to you then please do not hesitate to ask either via email or by phone. 

    Ideally have the full version of Avast Cloudcare installed and you will have, not only better protection but also the remote support using a secure connection.

    Once the software is installed then all work carried out is discounted to you and no need to bring the system in, saves you having to worry where the cables all fit when you take it back! 

  • Beware of Scams


    Why not subscribe to our newsletter? We generate it to inform all our customers who do subscribe to enable them to be informed of Scams and various malicious software and phone scams that are happening in our area.  

    This is done so that you do not become a victim yourself!  You can even check the Avon and Somerset website to remain up to date by clicking Here!

    Latest Scam Alerts can be found here:

    Latest Scam Information

  • Computer Servicing

    Computer Servicing

    Maximise the lifespan and value of your computer/Laptop with regular servicing. Our experts are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service. Why not call or email us to ensure yours is Virus/Malware free and running at its optimum efficiency. Receive expert advice on its conclusion to ensure maximum productivity. 

    Why Not call or Email us now and book yours in?
  • Global Excellence 2020 Awards

    Broadband Contracts Available

    Various Broadband Contracts Also available?

    We are proud to announce that as part of the development of the products provided to the customers of DTechnics, we offer a locally supported broadband service.  As the single point of contact for broadband support, our customers can now benefit from improved levels of support, not currently available from large corporate ISP’s.

    When you want to switch package or provider we make the move simpler for you, maintaining contact throughout the process.  Prices vary and given todays climate are also very competitve to other users.

    Not only do we provide great internet support and reliable connectivity, but our experience allows us to offer a diverse mix of services to meet your needs; these include multiple connections, Voice over IP, broadband and a range of managed internet and leased line options.

    Why Not call or Email us now and book yours in? Tel: 01275 340614

  • VHS to DVD/USB

    VHS Transfer to DVD Service

    Due to advancements in technology are you now finding that the old VHS player is either not working or starting to chew up your tapes! Are your precious memories on VHS and you would prefer them on easier to manage and safer to store DVD’s? 

    As a family run business we understand the needs of our customers and as we have always said, if a customer would like a service locally that no one else is offering then we will listen! 

    Be sure your memories are safe for your families next generation. That's why we specialize in converting VHS to DVD, time is given to ensure the best quality and blank spaces/errors are removed.

    However it is wise to point out that the copy is only has good as the original as we are not video editing your original, only converting. 

    Then give us a call, we think everyone should be able to watch their favorite home movie memories time and again.


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